Located at about 250 metres in altitude, our estate’s typical hillside land stops us from getting huge yields due to the low soil fertility, but this works to our benefit as we produce high-quality raw materials at the vineyard.
It also gives the wine a good structure and a characteristic mineral note which is shared by all the winery’s products.

In fact, the subsoil is formed of sedimentary rocks made up of sandstone, marl, clay but, in particular, gypsum.

Our 110-hectare estate is nestled in the foothills of Scandiano, overlooking the great Po Valley. The vineyards on the slope of the Tresinaro river valley (facing the east) are characterised by a greater temperature range during the day and by more fertile soil, while the vineyards facing the north grow in soil with a much higher mineral content and little water.

We make good use of these different soil and climate conditions, taking advantage of them by using different grapes depending on the type of wine.